Our makeup guru and the all around MAJOR babe behind the flawless finishes fROM our photo shoots,
Emma Chen has given us her go-to tips on how to perfect your makeup for any occasion! 

1. Whats your go-to way to prep the skin before applying makeup?

I usually spritz with Mac softening lotion, it helps even out skin tone , Dry areas and help the skin absorb product more evenly.
Charlotte tilbury magic cream is so hydrating and essential now that it’s coming into the cooler months. 
Great makeup starts with great skin care so ensuring you make sure you skin is hydrated will give you a better finish & help your foundation glide on more evenly . 


2. Its breakout month, whats your go-to products to help hide blemishes? 

Ensuring you are taking some form of fatty acids They help increase hydration to the skin , support healthy skin and hair. 
Wearing a mineral foundation will also help your skin breathe and foundation normally without clogging it. 
I usually wear mineral Monday-Friday and a more full coverage makeup on weekends . 


4. We've all seen your makeup collection (major envy over here!) What are some of the products you're currently lusting over?

I'm loving the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation at the moment, as its buildable and leaves a beautiful dewy finish! Liquid Laguna Bronzer & Nars' Liquid Orgasm Blush are my 2 favourite products to achieve a natural glow!


5. It's all about eyeshadow this season, do you have a preference of tones for different eye colours? 

I don't really believe in the theory that certain eye shadow colours suit different eye colours, I personally believe its all about how you contour the eye itself! However I do love a burnt orange undertone on blue & green eyes, and chocolate or mauve on brown eyes!


6. Okay, so we need that highlight to be on point and look Pro AF! Whats your go-to highlighting products at the moment? 

I personally can't go past a cream style highlighter, they're so easy to blend into the face and has such perfect shine to them! My Favourites at the moment would definitely be the Benefit Watts Up Highlighter & Becca Cosmetics Opal Powder over the top! 


3. We love a strong brow! Whats your step by step guide on how to get the perfect brow? 

I love the Booki Brow Powders as they're universal and so easy to use! They come with an angled brush and even have an instructional video on the website which is super handy for knowing the ins and outs of how to perfect your brows!
Setting your brows and brushing them in an upwards motion with a clear brow gel, I personally love Benefits 24 Brow Clear Gel for this! 

Loving Emmas Makeup Style and want to learn all her tips and tricks?
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