We're the first to admit, we froth a cheeky Netflix marathon, especially after a hectic week at work (queue the cheese and wine please) however, and as much as we feel like massive traitors to the worldwide fave, Stan has stolen our hearts (for the meantime!)

Here are some current shows on Stan we're diggin! From 90's sitcoms we're so glad we don't have to watch on DVD anymore to Stan originals that are legit BOSS! 


1. Friends, obviously,  because this group of 5 give us life, and future goals!
The real question is, were Rach and Ross really on a break? 


2. Younger
With Hillary Duff making a major comeback, its definitely one we're prone to watching repeatedly! With the main character pretending to still be in her 20's to land a job in todays NYC society while trying to keep her lie a secret with her new clique, not to mention her family who still think she's just chillin' in Brooklyn with her BFF and working - the plot twists and drama in this one has us hooked!

3. The OC
"Welcome to the OC bitch" will probably always be my favourite line from that tv drama, which i felt left our screens too soon (movie finale anyone?). From nerdy Seth Cohen and his Chrismukkah tradition that lets be real, went worldwide, to the death of Marissa Cooper and the welcoming of Taylor Townsend into the clique (she still irks me, no offence to any T fans out there), oh and of course, Sandy Cohens eyebrows - this one will always have a place in our hearts! 


Holy mother of, talk about DRAMA! I actually cannot love the backstory of this show enough, and really wonder if this is how the Bachelor and Bachelorette are manipulatively actioned! If you haven't watched UnREAL and are intrigued to know what on earth we're talking about - get yourself a Stan account and have a peak yourself!

With a mixture of 90 sitcom throw backs and reality tv show we are almost embarrassed to say we live for, Stan has really given us the goods!

chloe burgess